The port of Kandla, playing the key role in development of this area and improvement of socio-economic growth, needed cohesiveness & better coordination with various agencies, especially with trade. The Gandhidham Chamber of Commerce & Industry, as one of the trustees of kandla Port trust, took up the lead role in providing the necessary support of trade in solving various issues of varied nature. The Gandhidham Chamber of Commerce & Industry has always come forward to join hands with Kandla Port Trust to resolve any problem to keep the economy & industrial environment of the area live. The strong bond between KPT & Gandhidham Chamber of Commerce & Industry relations has been a key factor in maintaining healthy environment between KPT and trade for better growth.


The Gandhidham Chamber of Commerce & Industry played a key role in establishment of Kandla Special Economic Zone and is consistently encouraging new investments for export units to set in. The establishment of Kandla Special Economic Zone [as Kandla Free trade Zone] in 1965 gave a boost to industry; especially the export units got all encouragement for investments into the area. The prime objectives of setting up the Zone, was to creat employment, earn foreign exchange and to generate traffic for the growing port of Kandla.

The KSEZ has set the trend for attracting more & more entrepreneurs into the area. With a view to encourage More investments, the Govt. has further liberalized the export policy for export units.


The Broad Gauge rail connectivity between Kandla & rest of the parts of country was badly needed to meet the increasing traffic demands. Because, the movements over Meter Gauge route had lots of problems like transshipments, low average speed, low throughput, high wagon turn around time leading to poor availability of wagons etc. The Gandhidham Chamber of Commerce & Industry took the lead early connectivity and was able to get the Broad Gauge connectivity established in 1969 with rest of the country. This added a new chapter in the development of Kutch and Kandla port in particular.

Furthering the cause of progress, to keep pace with the growing needs of traffic and to make rail transport more economic, The Gandhidham Chamber of Commerce & Industry took up the matter of conversion of Meter Gauge line into Broad Gauge between Palanpur and Samakhiali section of about 247 Kms. It is pleasing to inform that the conversion work has commenced and the project is likely to be completed by 2005.