GCCI's Representation

Sr. No.            Date                                  Represent to

1               01.07.2016         Hon’ble Minister, Road Transport Highway & Shipping, Delhi

2              08.07.2016          Chief Minister, Gujarat

3              16.07.2016           Executive Engineer, PGVCL, Bhachau

4              22.07.2016           Issues for discussion in ZRUCC meeting due on 23.08.2016

5              27.07.2016           Aerodromes Authority of India, Delhi

6             29.07.2016            The Director, Tariff Authority of India

7             30.07.2016            Summary of representation by GCCI in Joint Hearing by TAMP

8             01.08.2016            Give relief on payment of Stamp Duty

9             05.08.2016            Increasing Crime in Township of Gandhidham

10           17.08.2016            Welcome Ms. Safeena Najar’s appointment as In-Charge Kandla Aerodrome

11           23.08.2016           Include Kachchh in SAUNI Scheme

12           27.08.2016           Request to expedite the E-Auction process of KPT for salt land

Suggestions received during 4th meeting of DRUCC held on 28.07.2016 at Ahmedabad

13            02.09.2016          Aligning model GST Law – 2016 with SEZ Act to maintain ultimate objective of SEZs

14           06.09.2016          Appointment of the representative of GCCI on KPT’s Trustee Board under ‘Other Interest Category’

15            08.09.2016         In response to KPT’s letter No.ES/TN/2453/2125 Dt.05.09.2016, Issues of Township land

16            09.09.2016        Issues related to Land matters

17            16.09.2016        Unjustifiable and unethical demand for undertaking while conversion of Leased Hold Land to Free Hold Land

18           19.09.2016         Various Issues related to Gandhidham – Adipur

19           19.09.2016         Various pending issues of Gandhidham related to PGVCL

20          20.09.2016          Advisory for not to collect extra charges for the transportation of EXIM Goods

21          20.09.2016          Allotment of rakes of Salt loading at Gandhidham / Chirai Rly. Station

22          23.09.2016          Requirement of BCN Wagon for salt loading

23          24.09.2016          Sudden Stoppage of transaction of Plot / Properties of SRC Ltd. Gandhidham – Adipur

24          26.09.2016          Clearance of transfer documents

Various issues related to Railways

25           01.10.2016          Suggestions for the improvement of Railway Services to the passengers

26          04.10.2016           Withhold of E-Tender cum E-Auction process of Salt Land of various tenders

27          15.10.2016            Seeking appointment to propose Commencement of scheduled commercial operations from Kandla / Gandhidham Airport

28         19.10.2016            Issues related to Revenue Department

29          08.11.2016           Request to extent the time limit for carrying our construction on open plot at Gandhidham Township

30          11.11.2016             Review of Monopoly Policy paper dt. 03.11.2016

31           17.11.2016           Representation in the meeting on issues of Gandhidham Township

32           17.11.2016           Extension of Date for time barring assessment of Income Tax of Assessment Year 2014-2015

33           18.11.2016          Providing sufficient feeding in Banks at post demonetisation of high notes

34           19.11.2016            Suggestion to offer Distance Discount to Refined Iodised Salt for the movement from Kachchh District

35            24.11.2016           Progress with regard to solving all outstanding questions of PGVCL & GETCO

36            26.11.2016            The amount of TDS in water

37           26.11.2016              Advance planning for future power needs in Kandla – Gandhidham complex

38          29.11.2016              Necessary to set-up FM Radio Station at Gandhidham-Kachchh-Gujarat

39          13.12.2016                Upgrade Gandhidham Municipality as Corporation

40          16.12.2016               Extension of time limit for open plots

41           16.12.2016              Development of Parking Plot for Transport Vehicles.

42          21.12.2016                 Regarding frequent congestion and vessel waiting period at Oil Jetties of Kandla Port

43          21.12.2016                 No internet service at RTO – Gandhidham

44          22.12.2016                Frequent problem of the disruption in work to non-availability of internet service at RTO-Gandhidham in Kachchh District.

45         05.01.2017                Suggestions for State Budget

46                                          To expedite the approval of the proposal of the bifurcation of Sub-Davison of Adipur – Kachchh

47         10.01.2017                Installation of scanners (Radio-logical Detection Equipments) at Mundra Port

48         25.01.2017                Non-usable of Meghpar – Borichi Fly-over

49                                           Provide information regarding the process & charges of the service by the Emergency Response Center

50          28.01.2017               Request to release ‘Conveyance Deed’ of SRC Plots for the conversion to free hold

51           03.02.2017               Provide facility of drinking water for salt industries

Replacement of LED Bulbs

52           09.02.2017                No Internet connectivity at RTO – Gandhidham

53          13.02.2017                Proposal to construct a Business

54                                              Convention Center at Adiur

55          15.02.2017                Welcome decision to handover land of Gandhidham – Adipur township to Gujarat Government – 1

56                                              Welcome decision to handover land of Gandhidham – Adipur township to Gujarat Government – 2

57          22.02.2017              Issuance of RR under conventional mode of payment

58                                            Widening of the National Highway 8A extension connecting Kandla & Mundra Ports

59           04.03.2017              Immediate action to remove black film from glass of Four Wheeler.

60           08.03.2017             Request to upgrade on-line payment facility for PCS payment with prevailing SOR

61            11.03.2017             Submission to stop practice of demand of hard copies of IGM & EGM by customs officials

62            21.03.2017             Ala Hazrat Express Train No. 14311/14312 and 14321/14322

63            22.03.2017             Suggestion to develop and establish maritime museum on decommissioned INS Viraat at coastal area of Kachchh to boost tourism activity

64            25.03.2017             Land Issue of Gandhidham Township – Transfer Fee & Ground Rent

65                                             KPT’s construction oriented policy for lease hold plots in Gandhidham township

66             01.04.2017            Start of Kandla – Mumbai – Kandla – air Flight from August – 2017

67             04.04.2017            Traffic jam problem on the road going from KASEZ Gate to Bharapar

68             07.04.2017             Emerging Issues of Conversion of Gandhidham – Adipur Township land from Lease Hold to Free Hold

69             07.04.2017             Fresh Submission of undertaking for removal of imported goods without payment of Stamp Duty

70             07.04.2017            Request to intervene to expedite Environmental Clearance for the construction of Berth No.7 for Liquid Cargo Jetty at Kandla Port

71             11.04.2017             Authorization for issue of Certificate of Origin (NP) through online with Digital Signature for the exporters

72             24.04.2017             Request to run Jodhpur – Gandhidham Super fast Express Train Service (No. 22483 / 22484) on daily basis

73              27.04.2017           A matter of determining the working hours of Women Police Station, Adipur, 24 hours

74             03.05.2017          Welcome to New Kachchh Collector

75            08.05.2017            Request to include Salt Export under MEIS

76            11.05.2017            Issues and objections related to proposed project of SIPC

77            16.05.2017          Request to continue passenger train services from Gandhidham to Jalandhar City

78            20.05.2017         Representation for pending issues and related suggestions towards Gandhidham Railway Station

79             05.06.2017         Issues for discussion in 4th Meeting of 32nd ZRUCC

80            15.06.2017          Representation to re-consider to closed down the Salt Department

81            15.06.2017          Request to extend migration to GST upto 30th June, 2017

82           15.06.2017           Request to intervene to speed-up Environment Clearance for the construction of Oil Jetty No. 7 at Kandla Port

83            15.06.2017          Request to expedite the construction process of Oil Jetty No. 7 at Kandla Port

84            15.06.2017          Request for interactive meeting at Gandhidham Chamber of Commerce

85             08.08.2017         Hike in price of Speedometer and Radiium bar

86             11.8.2017             Potential for starting air flights services from Kandla Aerodrome

87             18.8.2017            Our pending request to expedite the construction process of Oil Jetty No. 7 at Kandla Port

88            23.8.2017            Urgent Repairing of Weigh Bridge at Chirai Railway Station

89            23.08.2017          Continuous interrupted power supply to Industrial Units located at Kidana and Mithi Rohar

90           24.8.2017               Pending Cancellation of GST Registration of Salt Manufacturers & Suppliers

91            25.8.2017              Reschedule of Mumbai – Kandla – Mumbai flight in morning session

92           25.08.2017           Status report on progress of underground cabling at Gandhidham & Adipur

93          26.08.2017            Comments on Smart Industrial Port City (SIPC) at Kandla (Location-2)

94          26.8.2017              Problem at Railway Weigh Bridge

95           05.09.2017            Emerging Issues of Conversion of Gandhidham – Adipur Township land from Lease Hold to Free Hold

96           05.09.2017            Acute need to repair K K Road joining Kharirohar Oil Installation to Old Kandla

97          08.09.2017             Frequent Power Fluctuation and Interruption in 11KV power supply system at Salt City Chopadva – Bhachau Kachchh

98          11.09.2017              Request to resolve some issues related to successful introduction and operation of E-Rickshaw

99         12.09.2017               To introduce new train to Barmer from Gandhidham – Kachchh

100      15.09.2017               Submission of issues related business / industry to the next Regional Council meeting at Gujarat Chamber

101       18.09.2017               Unresolved issues of the Transport Industry relating to RTO Offices – Bhuj

102        18.09.2017               Regarding the repairing of Adipur-Mundra Road

103        20.09.2017                Starting a training school in Gandhidham for skillful drivers under Skill India

104        20.09.2017               Potential of Kandla Port (SEZ) to tap the requirements of defense sector under FDI policy

105        23.09.2017               Closer of Salt Department

106         26.09.2017              Request to bring petroleum products under GST regime

107        03.10.2017              Request to stop charges on EDC (Swap Machine) transaction

108         06.10.2017            Representation during Regional Meeting at Surat

109         06.10.2017           Waiver of Mortgage Fee for Education Loan

110          12.10.2017            Issues of passengers traveling between North India and Kachchh by railway trains

111           12.10.2017            Request to levy of 18% GST on Cable, Wire, Other Electric Accessories and construction material instead of 28% GST

112           31.10.2017           Hardship due to late running of Ala Hazart Express Train No. 14311/14312 & 14321/14322

113          02.11.2017           To develop new International Airport at Kandla

114         08.11.2017          Repairing of Traffic Signals

115         08.11.2017          Matters relating to the stamp duty under the process of free hold of lease hold of Gandhidham complex lands

116         08.11.2017          Repairing of Adipur – Mundra Road

117          08.11.2017         The merchants should not be harassed during the implementation of Code of Conduct

118          14.11.2017          Up-gradation of the facilities at Adipur Railway Station

119          14.11.2017          Invitation of Meeting with GCCI for issues related to MSME Sector of Kachchh District

120          14.11.2017           Placement of sign board for the indication of the way to Gandhidham city

121         16.11.2017         Mechanised loading of salt wagon/rake

122         17.11.2017         Request to allot 5 rakes for salt loading per day in the state of Gujarat

123         18.11.2017          Memorandum of various issues of Kachchh

124          20.11.2017         Closure of the Salt Commissioner organization- is it necessary?

125         06.12.2017           Urgent need to repair the Service Road

126         07.12.2017           Presentation of questions related to hotel owners of Kutch

127        11.12.2017             Request for re-consideration of the move by Deendayal Port Trust to get vacant possession of lease land allotted to social and religious organisation

128        13.12.2017          Suggestions for SEZ operation in light of the forthcoming budget

129        13.12.2017         Problem of frequent power cut in Gandhidham Township and GDC area

130       15.12.2017          Proposal for the coming Revenue Budget 2018-19 of Central Government

131       15.12.2017            About starting a commercial court for more than 1 crore in Gandhidham

132       16.12.2017            Suggestion for the proposed “New Industrial Policy”

133        20.12.2017          Memorandum of various issues related to Railway Operation at Kachchh district

134        26.12.2017          Request to start Kandla – Mumbai – Kandla air flight under UDAN scheme

135        02.01.2018          Regarding exemption of stamp duty for transfer of transfer documents in the freehold of lease / sub-lease rights land of Gandhidham city of Gandhidham for second time.

136        02.01.2018          Regarding solution for Gandhidham Township’s land

137       03.01.2018          Submission of demands related to Railway for the submission of our state demand in consolidation

138       04.01.2018          Regarding the arrangement of CNG and LPG pipeline in Gandhidham city

139       04.01.2018         State Government implementing the subsidy for the battery operated vehicles of Gujarat Government

140      05.01.2018         Pending Measures of Gujarat Government for the expansion of Kandla Kutch Aerodrome and the establishment of International Airport

141       06.01.2018        Policy for the development of Electric Vehicle Industries in Gujarat

142      11.01.2018          Development of Smart Industrial Port City (SIPC) Kandla by Deendayal Port Trust

143      19.01.2018          Closure of the Salt Commissioner organization- is it necessary?

144      20.01.2018        Making new rules of town formation and promoting the construction of multi-story houses

145     30.01.2018          Non – Implementation of services of New Train

146      03.02.2018       Wood Based Industry (Establishment / Regulation) Directions 2016 Research 2017

147       07.02.2018       Request to extend time limit for the completion of the construction on open lease-hold plots from 31.03.2018 to 31.03.2019

148       12.12.2018         Request for the introduction of new (Hum Safar) train from Kachchh District to North India

149      14.02.2018          Improve the facilities of Rambaugh Hospital situated in Gandhidham – Adipur Kachchh

150      14.02.218             Repairing of State Highway – Tagore Road connecting Gandhidham – Adipur

151       01.03.2018           Traffic problem under the bridge near Gandhidham railway station

152      08.03.2018          Gandhidham Township’s free-hold land in the records of the Government of Gujarat

153      09.03.2018          Request for upgradation of basic amenities at Kandla Aerodrome

154      10.03.2018          Establishment of Convention Center in Gandhidham Township

155      10.03.2018          Request to consider various issues of postal Department in Kachchh District

156      14.03.2018          Request to set-up FM Radio Station at Gandhidham-Kachchh-Gujarat

157       15.03.2108          Various issues related to Gandhidham Township

158      17.03.2018          No action from NHA on issues related to National Highway No. 8A & Toll Nakas in Kachchh District

159      19.03.2018         Impact of discontinue of LOUs for importers and request for the reconsideration of the decision

160      23.03.2018        Representation on various issues of Kachchh District

161         05.04.2018      Request for the exemption of salt from the compliance under E-Way bill system

162       09.04.2018        Suggestions and discussion on issues in next DRUCC meeting to be held on 10.04.2018

163       11.04.2018          Request for up-gradation of basic amenities at Kandla Aerodrome

164       11.04.2018          Request for timely intervention to resolve hindrance in establishing dual Rail track at the bridge between Maliya & Surajbari joining Kachchh District in Gujarat State

165      11.04.2018           Pending issues with respect to land acquisition for the expansion of Kandla Aerodrome

165      12.04.2018          Request to intervene in contraction of ROB at two places of Kachchh District

166       17.04.2018         Non Co-operative attitude of Project Director, Project Implementation Unit-Gandhidham, National Highways Authority of India, Adipur

167       18.04.2018         Request to increase number of counters at Bhuj – Kachchh – Passport Office

168       18.04.2018         Providing sufficient flow of cash in banking channels of Kachchh District

169        18.04.2018         To tap potential of Kandla Aerodrome for air connectivity in the State of Gujarat

170        23.04.2018         For status of Municipal Corporation to Gandhidham Nagarpalika

171         01.05.2018         Highlighting Pending issues Civil Aviation, Shipping & National Highway with respect to Kachchh District of Gujarat State

172        02.05.2018         Frequent Power Interruption and Voltage fluctuation at Chopadva

173         03.05.2018        Salt Exports – Request to preferences

174         03.05.2018        Regarding immediate solution of important issues of Gandhidham – Kachchh

175         04.5.2018         Errors of Emergency Response Centre, Gandhidham

176         07.05.2018       Bhagalpur – Gandhidham – Bhagalpur Train No.09451/09452

177         08.05.2018        To tap tremendous business potential of Kachchh District by Japanese business organisations and investors

178       16.05.2018          Upgradation of the facilities at Adipur Railway Station

179        19.05.2018         To establish the facility of issuance of DIN to new entrepreneurs for the registration of LLP

180        22.05.2018        Regarding maintenance and operation of traffic signals in Gandhidham city

181         07.06.2018       Taking steps to overcome obstacles on “Bhoomaraj Jaganni Marg”, Gandhidham

182        09.06.2018       Request for timely intervention to resolve hindrance in establishing dual Rail track at the bridge between Maliya & Surajbari joining Kachchh District in Gujarat State

183       12.06.218         Various issues related to Railway Operation at Kachchh District

184       16.06.2018        Coastal Regulation Zone Notification its impact and concerns

185       16.06.2018        Request to expedite the process of re-allotment of salt land at Kandla

186       21.06.2018       Cordial Invitation to visit Gandhidham Chamber of Commerce to interact and to explore Japanese Investment in Kachchh Region

187      02.07.2018         Request to consider the extension of new Super Fast Express Train Gwalior to Ahmedabad [Train No. 22547 / 22548] to Gandhidham – Kachchh – Gujarat

188       04.07.2018        Representation for pending issues of Indian Railways

189       07.07.2018         Regarding the inclusion of the Gandhidham Township’s free-hold land in the records of the Government of Gujarat

190       09.07.2018        Updating of Pending Issues of Deendayal Port Trust

191        12.07.2018         Various issues related to salt industries

192       16.07.2018          Memorandum on various issues of Kachchh District

193      18.07.2018           Regarding the allotment of land for the establishment of a convention center in Gandhidham complex

194      20.07.2018           Difficulties faced by companies under new companies act, 2013

195       25.07.2018          Effect on Trade & Economy due to All India Transporter’s Strike – letter to Shri Nitin Gadkari

196                                      Effect on Trade & Economy due to All India Transporter’s Strike – letter to Shri Arun Jaitley

197        03.08.2018          Representation relating to Sub Regional Office Rajkot concerning the Stakeholders of the SRO

198        06.08.2018          Request to instruct Gujarat Government to implement the decision of increase of axle load capacity for old vehicle too.

199       08.08.2018           Increase the quota of lignite allocation for salt units

200      09.08.2018          To set up a large GIDC between Kandla and Mundra

201       11.08.2018           Representation during regional council meeting at Gandhidham

202        16.08.2018        Request to change timings of Palanpur – Gandhidham Train [No. 19151] with better connectivity with Rajdhani Express running from New Delhi towards Gujarat

203        18.08.2018          Request for regular posting of PHO Officer at Deendayal Port

204        24.08.2018         Various Representation during meeting with Hon’ble Minister of State @ Delhi.

205        25.08.2018         Various Representation during meeting @ Deendayal Port Trust, Gandhidham

206        30.08.2018         Various Representation during meeting @ Mumbai

207      01.09.2018           CSR Compliance and activities

208     05.09.2018           Submission of suggestion on GST Law

209     14.09.2018           Submission of points for Industrial Executive Committee and Swift meeting on 18.9.2018.

210     14.09.2018           Representation of the different roads of Kutch district for refurbishing, repairing and making new roads.

211       15.09.2018           Improvement in choreography of RTO office.

212       15.09.2018          Establishment of City Survey Office in Gandhidham – Kutch

213       17.09.2018          Renewal of Salt Land lease at district level

214      17.09.2018          Request to initiate repairing work of various patches on National Highway No. 8A

215       17.09.2018          Renewal of Fitness Certificate of Heavy Commercial Vehicles

216       18.09.2018          Suggestions and discussion on issues in next DRUCC meeting to be held on 28.09.2018

217       20.09.2018          Regarding the pending issue of freehold land of Gandhidham complex

218        20.09.2018          Regarding relief / discounts to industrial units for payment of factory license fee for more than a year

219        21.09.2018           Representation of port – operation related matters for immediate attention and resolution

220        25.09.2018          To update the status and progress of the establishment of Custom Bonded Warehouses inside Deendayal Port

221         25.09.2018         Suggestion for the issuance of port entry pass

222       25.09.2018          Frequent incident of Highway Robbery near Village: Padana

223       25.09.2018         Impact of discontinue of LOUs for importers and request for the reconsideration of the decision

224       06.10.2018         Collateral – free credit facility for MSME sector

225       08.10.2018         Protest for proposed specification of iodized and double fortified salt

226      16.10.2018          Speedy completion Gandhidham – Bhuj highway  flyover work  

227      23.10.2018          Repairing work of Chamber Road 

228      23.10.2018          Resolve problems in Sector – 8 Area 

229       24.10.2018         Representation of Various Issues related to GST 

230       26.10.2018         Proposal for conversion of commercial lease land to free hold land

231       02.01.2019         Various matters pertaining to Salt

232       02.01.2019         Submission for land matters and its suggestion for the convenience

233       02.01.2019          Long Pending issues of Free Hold Land of Gandhidham – Adipur Complex.

234       04.01.2019          Request to upgrade basic amenities at Kandla Aerodrome

235       05.01.2019         Memorandum on the Core pending issues related to Land & its charges

236       05.01.2019        Land Issue of Gandhidham Township –Conversion of Lease Hold to Free Hold

237      05.01.2019         Exorbitant recovery of transfer fees

238      05.01.2019         Pending issue of Free Hold Land of Gandhidham Township  

239      16.01.2019         Long pending work of completion of service road from RTO office onwards to Meghpar Borichi near over bridge

240     19.01.2019         Land matters of Gandhidham Township discussed with you during our meeting on 07.1.2019

241      21.01.2019          Request to withdraw the practice to impose penalty on loan amount prior to mortgage permission issued by DPT.

242      21.01.2019           Suggestions for next bi-monthly monetary policy announcement

243      23.01.2019         Collateral – free credit facility for MSME sector

244      25.01.2019        Iron content incorporation for Iron Fortified Iodised Salt in the Act

245     29.01.2019          Suggestions for draft scheme of conversion from lease hold land to free hold land with respect to land leased out by Deendayal Port Trust and M/s. SRC Ltd., Adipur for commercial and industrial purposes

246      29.01.2019         Long pending custom bonded warehouse facility at Deendayal Port

247       30.01.2019         Long pending land matters of Gandhidham – Adipur Complex

248       30.01.2019       Regarding the notice given by the Electricity Distribution Company, PGVCL, to pay the deposit amount

249       30.01.2019        Repapering of Gandhidham – Adipur Connecting State Highway 

250       31.01.2019        Suggestions to meet growing passenger traffic load to and for from Kutch district of Gujarat State to U.P.

251       01.02.2019        Request for fixation of standards for Refined Iodised Salt.

252       01.02.2019        Request to share with us information and research details about adverse effect on human being due to higher level consumption of iodine. 

253       02.02.2019        Request to make additional entry and exit point at Gandhidham Railway Station. 

254       04.02.2019         Requests to reconsider higher collation of jantri charges based on construction on the plot allotted by SRC due to misinterpretation. 

255       05.02.2019         Objections / Suggestions for notification of No-Entry for heavy vehicles in Anjar to prevent accidents.

256      13.02.2019         Corrective measures on National Highway No. 8A

257      14.02.2019         Establishing a large GIDC between Kandla – Mundra

258      14.02.2019         Regarding appointing a Chief Officer on a regular basis in Gandhidham Municipality

259      18.02.2019         Regarding approval of loan on land sanctioned to lease holders for salt production

260       22.02.2019        Request for reconsideration of norms for the compliance of E-Way Bill under GST keeping in view difficulties being faced by the business fraternity of Kandla – Gandhidham Complex. 

261     07.03.2019          Request to withdraw the practice to impose penalty on loan amount prior to mortgage permission issued by DPT.

262      07.03.2019           Suggestion to accept affidavit / indemnity bond / guarantee later for transfer of disputed plots.

263      07.03.2019          Service Tax Audit by the Department 

264       08.03.2019         With respect to the bad quality of working of sewage pipelines in different areas in Gandhidham city

265      12.03.2019          Regarding the harassment to the business fraternity during the implementation of Code of Conduct in light of forthcoming Loksabha Election.

266       12.03.2019        Iron content incorporation for Iron fortified iodised salt in the act

267      12.03.2019         Request to regularise rake allotment for redefined iodised salt loading in Gujarat state 

268      12.03.2019         Protest for proposed specification of iodized salt

269      12.03.2019        Suggestion for improvement at Gandhidham & Adipur Railway Station

270       12.03.2019      Grievances against Notices issued to the members of the Tanker Owner & Operators Association – Gandhidham

271       12.03.2019        Regarding permanent solution of problems faced for obtaining new licenses and renewing the old license

272       15.03.2019         Submission for complain redressal and much needed service quality improvement