Certificate of Origin

Guidelines for Authentication of Export Documents / Attestation of Commercial Documents

The Gandhidham Chamber of Commerce & Industry is officially authorised by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India to issue Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential) in respect of goods exported from India. It also attests Export Documents like Invoices, Packing List, Declaration. as required by the applicant for facilitating their trade activities.

Important points to be Companies submitting their documents for authentication / attestation

The facilities for attestation / pre-authorization / issuance of certificates are available only to GCCI Members. We will require minimum 3 hours to complete the verification of the documents and issue the certificate. GCCI may ask for submission of supporting documents for the purpose of attestation/pre-authorization. GCCI reserves the rights to reject any document which it deems out of its purview / incomplete or unrelated to business. The authentication / attestation is carried out on the basis of an Indemnity Bond. The Bond should be provided on non-Judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100/-. The Indemnity Bond should be in the name of The Firm / Company. The Bond is a continuing Indemnity Bond and need not be submitted for every set of documents. The draft/format for Indemnity Bond is available below.

Following points to be taken care, while submitting the Certificates of Origin:

  • The Certificates should be in the proper format (blank forms available at the Chamber’s Counter). Validity of Forms is as per Financial Year.
  • The documents to be attested or issued are to be accompanied by a cover letter addressed to GCCI.
  • The Certificates or other documents should be duly signed with the designation of the signatory clearly stated along with copy of commercial Invoice. Copy of Bill of Lading, Air waybill, L.R. Copy, Invoice Copy, Packing List & Covering Letter should be attached.