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Gandhidham is the nearest town to Kandla port, the business concentration in this area grew fast. Industries & business like Shipping, CHAs, Food grain, Seeds & Oils, transport and other ancillary industries were established and thus started the development process. The Gandhidham has a cosmopolitan population from early days since it consisted of people from all parts of the Country.

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Office Bearer’s 2022
01. Tejabhai Kangad -President
Shri Teja S Kangad President
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02. Adil Sethna Vice President
Shri Adil F Sethna
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03. Mahesh Tirthani Hon.Secretary
Shri Mahesh S Tirthani
Hon. Secretary
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jatin agarwal - Copy_Fotor
Shri Jatin S Agarwal

Hon. Jt. Secretary

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05.Harish Maheshwari Treasurer
Shri Harish J Maheshwari Treasurer
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